3D Swing efficiency

3D Swing efficiency

Examine the accompanying graph that analyzes the way energy is transferred in an efficient swing.

The transfer occurs in the following manner: the hips (red line) slow down prior to impact, passing the energy to the shoulders. The shoulders (green line) then slow down, passing the energy to the arms and hands. The arms and hands then slow down just prior to impact, passing the energy to the club (blue Line) and then into the ball. This efficient movement cannot be detected with the naked eye and can only be quantified with 3D analysis. You can see that as the one graph peaks, the energy is then passed onto the next component.

Good technique means building an efficient swing, which derives from an efficient transfer of energy, resulting in maximum power though impact.

Apart from video, I am now using biomechanical analysis in my teaching to help analyze golfers and to help them improve their swing efficiency. I am seeing startling increases in power and consistency.

Although it all sounds a little complex, it makes learning easier, because it’s all about developing motion as opposed to just thinking of static positions in the swing, something of which we are all guilty at times.

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